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Chapter I
Overview and Specific Entries

1. The Shroud of Jesus in the New Testament
2. Exegetical and Medical Aspects of Jesus’ Death and Their Coherence with the Shroud
3. Jewish Burial Customs and the Shroud
4. Patristic, Apocryphal Literature and Itineraries and Selected Artefacts about the Shroud and Images of Jesus
5. The Shroud in Constantinople
6. Templars and the Shroud
7. The Shroud in the de Charny Family and Disputes Over Its Authenticity
8. The Shroud in the Hands of the House of Savoy
9. The Shroud in Turin
9.1. The Confraternity of the Holy Shroud in Turin
9.2. International Syndonological Centre in Turin
9.3. Popes before the Shroud in Turin
10. Polish Syndonological Centre
11. Semiotics and Semiology of the Shroud
12. The Shroud in the Liturgies
12.1. The Epitaphios
13. The Shroud as a Prototype for the Depiction of Jesus
13.1. The Shroud and the Convention of the Mandylion
13.2. The Shroud and Imago Pietatis

Chapter II
History of the Research on the Shroud

1. The Shroud of Turin—Physical Description
2. Physical Analyses of the Shroud
2.1. Photographs of the Shroud
2.2. The Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP)
2.3. Hypotheses of the Origin of the Image on the Shroud
2.4. Determination of the Age of the Shroud
3. Chemical Analyses of the Shroud
3.1. Blood on the Shroud
4. Polish Syndonology
5. Comparative Analyses
5.1. The Veil of Manoppello
5.2. The Tilma of Guadalupe
5.3. The Sudarium of Oviedo
5.4. The Tunic of Argenteuil
5.5. The Shroud and the Image from the Apparitions of Saint Faustina

Chapter III
Calendar of Events

Chapter IV
People & Places

Borromeo Charles
Chmiel Jerzy
Dołęga-Chodasiewicz Jerzy
Enrie Giuseppe
Fanti Giulio
Fenrych Władysław
Filas Francis
Heller John Herbert
Karwowski Stanisław
Ładzina Wanda
Pia Secondo
Prószyński Kazimierz
Scavone Daniel C.
Schwortz Barrie Marshall
Tepeyac (Guadalupe)
Waliszewski Stanisław
Ziółkowski Zenon Piotr

Chapter V
Polish Syndonological Bibliography

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