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The Confraternity of the Holy Shroud in Turin

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Krzysztof Sadło
Polish Syndonological Centre, Kraków, Poland

(Italian: Confraternita del Santo Sudario) was founded in Turin in 1598 with the permission of the Turin Archbishop Carlo Broglia and Duke Charles Emmanuel I of Savoy. The Confraternity was established to spread the cult of the Shroud and became famous in the following centuries above all for its works of mercy.

It distinguished itself mainly by helping people with mental disorders. In 1728, it founded the Spedale dei Pazzerelli, the first institute of care and assistance for people suffering from this illness. With the permission of 12 October 1731, the House of Savoy also allowed the Brotherhood to build the Church of the Holy Shroud (La chiesa del Santo Sudario), which was finally constructed in 1734 and still exists today in Turin, on the corner of Via Deposito and Via Figlie dei Militari.

During the Napoleonic era, which brought with it secularisation, when Italy fell into dependence on France, the Brotherhood was temporarily disbanded. As Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy regained power in Turin after Napoleon’s defeat in 1814, the Brotherhood’s activities were resumed. In 1937, the Confraternity set up the association Cultores Sanctae Sindonis, approved by Cardinal Maurilio Fossati. In 1959, it became the →International Syndonological Centre. In 1973 the Confraternity inaugurated the Museum of the Shroud of Turin, which is now located in the crypt of the Church of the Holy Shroud.


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Krzysztof Sadło

Graduate in international relations at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków (2011). He also completed doctoral studies in political science at this university. Long-term curator of the exhibition „Who is the Man from the Shroud?” at the John Paul II Centre in Krakow. Director of the Evangelization Committee of the Polish Syndonological Centre. Frequently travels around Poland with lectures on the Shroud and related topics. Cultural animator at the John Paul II Institute for Intercultural Dialogue in Krakow, editor-in-chief of the franciszkanska3.pl portal, publicist and documentary filmmaker. Leader and founder of the Catholic community “Koinonia” in Krakow. A lover of mountain hiking.

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