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19 March 1314

Events: Grand Master Jacques de Molay and Norman preceptor Geoffrey de Charny burnt at the stake in Paris for heresy. Before their deaths, they both announced publicly that the Order was not guilty of any heresy.

13 October 1307

Events: Sudden arrest of all Templars throughout France by order of King Philip IV the Beautiful. The search for the 'idol’ yields no results. The Templars put up the most resistance in the Paris Templum. Comment: The shroud is removed from its frame and secretly taken to an unknown safe Read more…


Events: The Templar treasury is transported to France by the Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay by sea to Marseille, then by land to the Templum in Paris—the Templar headquarters.

12 April 1204

Events: Crusaders storm into Constantinople, destroying buildings and plundering church treasuries. In the confusion, the Mandylion/Sydoine disappears: and none of the Greeks or French knew what happened to it (Robert de Clari). A historical gap during which many relics looted in Constantinople appear in Western churches and monasteries. Alleged 'Mandylions’ Read more…

August 1203

Events: Robert de Clari, a Frankish crusader, describes seeing in the Church of Our Lady of Blachernae in Constantinople a sydoine in which Our Lord was wrapped and which is raised vertically every Friday so that the figure of Our Lord is clearly visible on it. Comment: This unique reference Read more…


Events: Nicholas Mesarites, custodian of the collection of relics in the Pharos Chapel (The Church of the Virgin of the Pharos), states that the collection includes a sindon with grave cloths. The sindon is of linen, a material that is cheap and easy to acquire, and which did not deteriorate Read more…

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