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12 April 1204

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  • Crusaders storm into Constantinople, destroying buildings and plundering church treasuries. In the confusion, the Mandylion/Sydoine disappears: and none of the Greeks or French knew what happened to it (Robert de Clari).
  • A historical gap during which many relics looted in Constantinople appear in Western churches and monasteries. Alleged 'Mandylions’ appear in Rome, Genoa and Paris; however, in no case do we have a clear claim to recognise these copies as originals.
  • Hypothesis: the cloth, still folded and framed so that only the face is visible, gets into the hands of the rich and powerful Order of the Knights Templar. According to a rumour from the late 13th century, the Templars worshipped a mysterious 'idol’ in the form of the head of a man with a reddish beard during secret chapter meetings. If this hypothesis is correct, the cloth is most likely first stored in the Templar treasury in Acre (Holy Land).

The cloth is brought from Constantinople.

From literary descriptions and from a Templar-related copy found in England, it appears that the cloth is still stored in the frame, with only the face visible.


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