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3 June 1561

Events: The Shroud is returned to Chambéry and deposited in the Church of the Virgin of Egypt, inside the Franciscan convent.

1 October 1972

Events: An attempt to set fire to the Shroud by an unknown perpetrator who entered the Royal Chapel through the roof of the palace. The Shroud was not damaged thanks to the asbestos protection inside the niche above the altar.

22–23 November 1973

Events: The first televised showing of the Shroud in the Hall of the Swiss in the former palace of Turin. Collection of surface substance samples for examination by Dr. Max Frei, a Zurich-based criminologist.


Events: Max Frei re-samples the Shroud and extracts 58 flecks of pollen that can mark the stages of the Shroud’s journey.

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