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1357 (?)

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  • The canons of Lirey organise the first public display of the entire Shroud. The relic attracts large crowds of pilgrims; among the devotional items sold to pilgrims are special commemorative medallions with the Shroud and the de Charny and de Vergy coats of arms (a copy is in the Cluny Museum in Paris).
  • Bishop Henri of Poitiers denies the authenticity of the Shroud: such a holy relic could not be in the hands of an insignificant family. On the bishop’s orders, the displays are stopped and the Shroud hidden. Joan de Vergy remarries the rich nobleman Aymon of Geneva.

In order to maintain the expensive collegiate church, Joan de Vergy decides to fulfill Geoffrey’s intentions by organising the first public displays of the Shroud to generate income.


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