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November 1356

Events: Joan de Vergy, the widow of Geoffrey, appeals to the Regent of France to update the donations previously made to her husband in favour of her infant son, Geoffrey II de Charny.

1357 (?)

Events: The canons of Lirey organise the first public display of the entire Shroud. The relic attracts large crowds of pilgrims; among the devotional items sold to pilgrims are special commemorative medallions with the Shroud and the de Charny and de Vergy coats of arms (a copy is in the Read more…

14 April 1503

Events: The display of the Shroud in Bourg-en-Bresse for Archduke Philip of Flanders on an altar in one of the great halls of the ducal palace.


Events: Pope Julius II declares 4 May as the annual Feast of the Holy Shroud. Presumably, the Holy Shroud displays are held every year on this day. Comment: Chambéry becomes the permanent storage place for the Shroud.
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